New Opening TOKYO

June 30, 2014

One more Segafredo Espresso Café opens its doors to coffee lovers in Tokyo, Japan. This new Café was opened by Yokohama Warehouse Co., Ltd (also known as "Yokoso") on the base floor of their headquarters building, Yokoso Rainbow Tower, a landmark building of Tokyo bay area. Yokoso' Headquarter is adjacent to Tokyo Rainbow Bridge, one of the most famous bridges in Japan, and it is just 2 minutes' walk from Shibaurafuto Train Station, connecting Shibaurafuto with the central business area of Tokyo in just 15 minutes. Once again Segafredo Zanetti Café has been chosen among other competitors because of our stylish design and architecture, superb coffee and authentic delicious Italian foods and snacks. Stay tuned, coffee lovers have a lot to look forward to in the coming months!